Storage & shipping


Peter Solberg A/S stores all wines in the best conditions to make sure that they do not suffer any negative impact before being sold on.

  • All wines are thoroughly inspected upon delivery before being accepted into our warehouse
  • ‍Wines are stored on pallets‍
  • Our warehouse is located in the basement and is temperature controlled
  • The humidity is monitored to ensure the condition of labels, corks and original wooden boxes or cardboard boxes


PeterSolberg A/S ensures that wines are delivered with appropriate considerations to temperature, security and quality.

Delivery for professionals:

  • Wines are packed on pallets.
  • The pallets are filmed with black plastic wrap.
  • The filmed pallets are sealed with our security logo tape.
  • We prefer to ship with the customer's shipping partner.
  • Alternatively, shipping can be arranged with leading Danish shippers at the customer's expence.
  • Insurance against loss or breakage is offered.

Delivery for individuals:

  • Wines are packed intransport boxes designed for wines.                     
  • Packages are shipped with Post Nord.
  • We offer full insurance.

Detailsregarding delivery are agreed in advance with PETER SOLBERG A/S.

Transporting wine in extreme weather conditionsmay cause damage to the wines. During periods of extreme heat or cold, we arepleased to provide complimentary short-term storage.

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